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See what ops phlo can do for you.

Digitalising Commodity Trade Operations

  • Experience the future of “commodity trade management” with opsPhlo. ​

  • This comprehensive and flexible approach to Commodity Management and ERP deployment is designed to revolutionise the industry with seamless management capability across your entire trading supply chain. ​​

  • Gain unparalleled transparency and real-time insights into every aspect of your operations, from traceability, contracts, and hedging, to logistics, financing, settlement, mark to market (M2M) interactions, and cashflows. ​​

  • Elevate your commodity trading (in low cost and easy to implement steps) to a new level of efficiency and profitability with opsPhlo

Modern vs Traditional CTRM & ERP​ solution


Traditional CTRM & ERP

Modular and Agile


Monolithic, all in one software design

Highly flexible implementation options

Implementation Flexibility

One-size-fits-all approach limiting flexibility

Start small, grow together

Deployment Strategy

Complex full-system implementation strategy

Fast go-live with rapid ROI

Deployment Speed

Lengthy time-to-go-live, slowing down ROI

Cloud or on-premise

Deployment Options

On-premise with significant infrastructure costs

Low risk with zero capital outlay and low TCO

Financial Risk

High TCO and substantial capital investment, posing more risk

Easily adaptable to unique requirements


Customisation may deviate from the support path

Seamless integration with modern APIs

Integration Ease

Complex integration process

Swift user training and change management

User Training

Complex user training, potentially lowering confidence in a new, complex system

Flexible options for various mobile devices

Mobile Device Compatibility

Hard-coded with challenges in mobile device development

Modern and flexible UI/UX

User Interface

Old fashioned user interface design

Loading Semitrucks

“At any time with a glance, I am able to track cocoa beans transferred from the various warehouses to production. I know which stack was sent and who authorized it. I can generate reports by the click of a finger and export any data I want. The system is very user friendly”

Michael O, Warehouse Officer

Product Feature

CTRM Excellence: Modern & Modular

CTRM Excellence: Modern & Modular

Flexible ERP Approach

Flexible ERP Approach

Seamless Logistics Integration​

Seamless Logistics Integration​

Custom Development Platform

Custom Development Platform

opsPhlo dashboard ERP CTRM -1

Flexible Contracts for Purchase & Sales, Inventory & Supply Chain, Risk Management, and More.​

opsPhlo dashboard ERP CTRM - 4

Adaptable to support unique business and operational processes​

Whole system, or individual elements​.

Complete supply chain visibility & control Connect with Leading Ocean Liner Companies.​

Manage transportation and warehouse(s)​

opsPhlo dashboard ERP CTRM - 3
opsPhlo dashboard ERP CTRM - 2

Financials, Manufacturing, Procurement, CRM, Warehouse Management and More.​

opsPhlo combines powerful and flexible CTRM functionalities and full-featured ERP capabilities, along with digital connectivity to all supply chain partners. ​

This platform is recently built by seasoned senior developers and executives following many frustrating years working to shoe-horn traditional ERP & CTRM systems into some of the largest global commodity trading houses.​

What is opsPhlo?

opsPhlo is a single system built from the ground up with a suite of flexible software modules that can be configured to provide specialist solutions to drive trade and supply chain and financial efficiencies for our clients world-wide.​

Because of its modular flexibility and our unique implementation approach, opsPhlo reduces the risks associated with major software implementations; our clients usually start with a quick go-live (MVP) and add functionality over time to adopt and adapt in line with business and operational priorities.​

Built by Experts

Built by industry practitioners with hands-on experience in developing, implementing, managing, and using such systems.

Unparalleled Integration

While integrating best-of-breed systems (CTRM, Operations, Treasury, Finance, Accounts) is complex, opsPhlo offers complete integration.

Progressive Functionality Adoption

opsPhlo allows clients to start with a quick go-live (MVP) and add functionality over time, aligning with evolving business priorities.

Cost-Efficient Cloud Solution

OpsPhlo offers a Total Cost of Operation (TCO) that's less than 1/5th of traditional systems like SAP.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations and reduce trading costs by minimizing reliance on numerous apps and risky spreadsheets.

Enhanced Visibility

Increase inventory visibility, freeing up time and resources for core business activities.

Risk Management

Effectively manage and reduce risks across trading, supply chain, financial, and hedging domains.

Digitise Your Commodity Trade Management processes with highly modular opsPhlo​

powered by

OpsPhlo powered by Acumatica

Experience the new-age trading & financial supply chain management system with integrated and flexible ERP and CTRM functionalities.​

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