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How Nigeria's leading Commodity Trader drive financial and supply chain excellence in fast changing and complex international markets?

Top Nigerian traders excel in fast-paced global markets by prioritizing financial strength and efficient supply chains for agricultural and mineral exports.

How Phlo Systems collaborated with a leading U.S. based futures brokers to develop an auto hedging Platform?

Learn about the collaboration between Phlo Systems and a prominent U.S. futures broker to design an advanced auto-hedging platform. Explore the details now!

Cloud-Based Innovation in Commodity Trading

Know how a leading commodity trader in the USA, recognized the need to modernize its trading and hedging strategy development process and partnered with Phlo Systems to solve the problem.

opsPhlo CTRM + ERP Product Brochure

opsPhlo combines powerful CTRM functionalities and full fledged ERP capabilities, along with digital connectivity to all supply chain partners.
Ready to See opsPhlo in Action?

Navigate the complexities of the market with opsPhlo's Risk Management Module. Elevate your risk management strategy - Schedule a demo today!

Our Solution modules are Built to digitise Trade Operations

Experience solutions that make your international trade operations easy





Supply Chain

Manage commodity trading operations with end-to-end visibility and control


Empowers commodity traders with real-time insights and robust functionalities

Simplify payroll management for your team.


Optimise service operations with precision.

Service Management

Seamless order processing for customer satisfaction.

Order Management

Streamline warehouse operations for efficiency.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Optimise inventory processes for growth.

Inventory Management

Unleash actionable insights with dynamic reports.

Reporting, Dashboards, and Data Analysis Toolkit

CRM Solutions for Exceptional Customer Engagement


Empowering Your Financial Insights

Project Accounting

Efficient accounting across multiple entities.

Multi-Entity and Intercompany Accounting

Optimise your financial operations with precision.

Financial Management

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Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Commercial Agriculture, OTC Markets, and Hrvyst at R.J. O'Brien

The intricate process of autohedging demands expertise, and Phlo Systems, with their profound understanding of both physical and derivative markets, coupled with their ability to create sophisticated cloud-based applications, flawlessly executed the project. Their ownership of ERP and CTRM systems significantly expedited and streamlined the project. I wholeheartedly endorse them for any undertaking in the realms of commodity trading, risk management, or trade finance.

Renée Laird

Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Commercial Agriculture, OTC Markets, and Hrvyst at R.J. O'Brien

 OpsPhlo's CTRM+ERP Solution is Built to Industry Specifications

Explore how opsPhlo caters to the unique needs and processes of various industries:

Adaptive Solutions for Diverse Industries, Tailored Risk Management, and Specialized International Trade Projects

Other Industries

Transforming Retail Operations via Flexible, Integrated, and Future-Proof CTRM+ERP Solution


Experience a streamlined and risk-free approach to managing your complex operations in the metals sector.


Revolutionizing Agricultural Risk Management with opsPhlo CTRM


Your Trade Risk Management Toolkit

Margin Management

Simulations & Scenario Management

Risk Analytics

Position Management

Risk Exposure Analytics

Real-time Tracking

Why Choose opsPhlo Trade Risk Management solution?

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Identifying and mitigating risks in a dynamic market is a significant challenge. opsPhlo's Risk Management Module offers advanced analytics, real-time insights, and user-defined alerts, empowering businesses to proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a strategic approach to risk management.

Compliance Assurance Made Easy

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements such as HMRC VAT tax reporting can be complex. opsPhlo simplifies compliance assurance through API connectivity, automating reporting processes and providing a secure platform that adheres to regulatory standards.

Organized Decision-Making Structure

Lack of an organized decision-making structure can hinder effective risk management. opsPhlo's Risk Management Module aligns approvals with organizational structures, providing a systematic approach to decision-making.

Risk Management in Commodity Trade

Strategic Risk Mastery in Commodity Trade

Navigate the complexities of the commodity market with opsPhlo's Risk Management Module, a solution that redefines strategic risk mastery. The module's user benefits include approvals mapped to organizational structures, user-defined alerts, extensive user management control, and automated alerts for efficient risk management.

Risk Management

Real-time analytics, position management, risk analytics, simulations, scenario management, and margin management are key components of this module.

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Flexible Hedging strategies

  • Compliance Assurance

  • API connectivity

  • Organizational Mapping

  • Risk mitigation processes

  • Secure and Scalable

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