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  • opsPhlo ERP+CTRM is a cutting-edge system that combines powerful Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) functionalities with comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities. It digitizes commodity trading operations, offering real-time insights and connectivity across the supply chain.

  • opsPhlo is built by seasoned senior developers and executives with 18 years of industry experience. It stands out as the only truly integrated solution in the market, simplifying complex processes, and enabling a two-week go-live configuration.

  • opsPhlo provides real-time futures and currency hedging through Direct Market Access to major exchanges. It allows connectivity with ocean liner companies for freight order booking and container tracking. The platform also supports custom reports and customizations without vendor dependency.

  • opsPhlo offers financing options to make migration from systems like Sage or MS Dynamics seamless and cost-effective. This ensures a smooth transition while maximizing the benefits of the platform.

  • opsPhlo includes comprehensive CTRM functionalities such as purchase, sales, inventory, contract and risk management, hedging, scheduling, logistics, delivery, invoicing, and settlements. Additionally, it provides full-fledged ERP capabilities covering financial management, manufacturing, procurement, project management, CRM, fixed assets, payroll, taxation, and accounting.

  • opsPhlo maps approvals to the organization structure, offers API connectivity for tax reporting, and features an in-built document management system. Users benefit from user-defined alerts, extensive user management control, lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO), improved Return on Investment (ROI), and automated alerts and document management.

  • opsPhlo provides advanced risk management tools, including real-time analytics, position management, risk analytics, simulations, scenario management, and margin management. This ensures that users can make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.

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  • While systems like SAP may take months or even years to implement, opsPhlo boasts a unique 40-step configuration that allows for a two-week go-live period, providing a faster and more efficient implementation process.

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  • Yes, opsPhlo ensures seamless integration with third-party systems, enhancing connectivity with customers, supply chain partners, and other stakeholders.

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  • opsPhlo features a modern UI that significantly reduces the learning curve, making it easier for users to adapt compared to training resources on legacy systems.

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  • opsPhlo is designed for digital connectivity with customers, supply chain partners, and other stakeholders. It functions as a system of action, facilitating dynamic and responsive operations.

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  • opsPhlo is developed on a latest open tech stack using security measures laid down by AWS/Microsoft. It uses AWS and Microsoft Azure as its cloud service provider, ensuring high security and reliability. The platform complies with GDPR and data privacy laws, ensuring the protection and security of user data.

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