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Empowering Your Commodity Trading Success with Mark Ferguson & opsPhlo

In a world where the right question can spark innovation, have you ever wondered what sets apart the leaders in commodity trading solutions? What if the secret ingredient was not just in the software but also in the people behind it? Enter Mark Ferguson, the new Head of Sales at Phlo Systems, where the synergy between groundbreaking technology and visionary leadership is about to redefine what's possible in the commodity trading arena. 


A Rich Tapestry of Experience 

Mark brings over 25 years of experience to Phlo Systems, not just as a leader but as a beacon of innovation in business and IT solutions, especially within the commodities trading sector. Since October 2023, Mark has been on a mission: to deploy opsPhlo, our flagship CTRM ERP SaaS platform, in ways that revolutionize trading costs, margins, inventory visibility, and risk management for our clients. 

Before joining us, Mark demonstrated his knack for solving client challenges and fostering partnerships across various sectors, from manufacturing to digital banking. His journey through roles at PSI Group AG and Brady Technologies stands as a testament to his ability to navigate and enhance the client engagement landscape with major tech giants like Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. 


A Strategic Asset to Phlo Systems 

Mark's appointment is a pivotal move for Phlo Systems. His expertise is a unique blend that enriches our go to market strategy and amplifies our ability to tackle the complex challenges trading companies face today. With Mark steering our sales ship, we're not just expanding our market footprint; we're setting new benchmarks for client trading complexity solved by our opsPhlo platform. 


Leveraging Industry Networks and Expertise 

Mark is deeply ingrained in the fabric of supply chain management and commodity trading communities. His active participation in leading organizations underscores his commitment to keeping Phlo Systems ahead of the curve, ensuring we deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients. 


What This Means for Our Customers and Team 

Mark's arrival signals a transformative phase for Phlo Systems - one that promises enhanced support and innovative solutions for our clients and a culture of inspired leadership for our team. His vision is to foster a partnership that extends beyond mere transactions, to truly understand and address the nuanced needs of our clients, ensuring their success from the outset. For the Phlo Systems team, Mark embodies mentorship and strategic vision, propelling us towards continued innovation and growth. 


A Vision for Growth and Innovation 

Mark's ambition is clear: to position Phlo Systems as the go-to provider for CTRM ERP SaaS solutions that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of the commodity trading industry. His strategic approach to client engagement, combined with his industry acumen, sets the stage for a future where Phlo Systems leads the market in trading systems innovation and service excellence. 


The Secret Sauce: opsPhlo & Mark Ferguson 

But what really makes Mark Ferguson & opsPhlo a match made in commodity trading heaven? Let's take a lighthearted look at their shared features in the table below: 



Mark Ferguson 


Known for its intuitive interface, easy navigation and modular/ flexible approach to deployment. 

Always approachable, with the ability to make complex concepts seem simple. A human version of "plug-and-play". 


Tailors its functionalities to fit the unique needs of each client. 

Adapts his proposal and solutions based on the audience, essentially a chameleon in a suit. 

Real-Time Updates 

Delivers market data and analytics in real-time. 

Has an uncanny ability to provide updates and insights as if he has a direct line to the market's pulse. 

Risk Management 

Offers comprehensive tools to navigate and mitigate risks. 

Can smell a risky proposition from a mile away and navigates conversations to safer grounds with the grace of a diplomat. 


Designed to grow with your business, handling increasing volumes of data and transactions smoothly. 

Known for scaling his enthusiasm and energy levels to match the size of the client’s requirement. Big or small, he's always at 110%. 


Continuously evolving with new features to stay ahead of the market. 

Constantly surprises colleagues with creative solutions to client challenges, much like a magician pulling rabbits from hats. 


Employs top-notch security measures to protect sensitive data. 

Protects client relationships and company secrets like a vault. His discretion is legendary. 

Performance Driven 

Aims to boost efficiency and profitability for its users. 

Driven by targets, his motivation is contagious, often leading by example to drive teamwork and client performance.