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Safer Custom Trading and Risk Management Strategies with OpsPhlo


Introducing opsPhlo by Phlo Systems 

In today's dynamic commodity markets, traders face significant challenges when it comes to updating and aligning trading systems with evolving business imperatives. The process is often expensive, complex, risky, and time-consuming. Many trading organizations acknowledge the need for system updates but often delay due to cost, risk, and the evolving market landscape. 

Choosing a new system that meets current needs in the traditional way can take nine months or longer to go live, by which time requirements and market conditions may have shifted. Moreover, companies often desire features from multiple systems, leading to compromises in the final selection and additional complexities in customization, integration and ongoing support. 

Phlo Systems addresses these challenges with opsPhlo, a modular, flexible, and agile trading platform. opsPhlo can start small and implemented incrementally over time, thereby reducing traditional big system risk, complexity, and project delivery change management. This modular approach allows businesses to adapt the system in real-time to changing market and trading conditions. 

At the core of opsPhlo is a tightly integrated CTRM system with the industry-leading Acumatica ERP solution. This integration enables businesses to take a modular approach to system upgrades, changes, and transformations, catering to specific needs: 

  • For Small/Fast-growing Traders: Transitioning in manageable steps from multiple spreadsheets to a complete ERP & CTRM solution. 

  • For Large Traders with Complex Systems: Implementing a “bolt-on” modular solution to quickly address specific market or commodity challenges. 

  • For Large Traders Needing System Upgrades and/or complete transformation: Migrating in stages, at a pace suited to their business needs with lower cost and risk. 

opsPhlo Modular Capabilities 

  • Trade capture – buy/ sell contract management; including options for commodity traceability to help comply with emerging EUDR and other international regulatory challenges 

  • Supply Chain Management: Centralize and automate trade operations, logistics, scheduling, and delivery processes. 

  • Risk Management: Identify, quantify, and manage risks associated with commodity contracts, counterparties, FX, financial instruments, and so on. 

  • Hedging/ Auto Hedging: Employ sophisticated algorithms for real-time hedging to minimize slippage and lower costs. 

  • End-to-End ERP Functionality: Comprehensive modules covering purchases, sales, inventory, contracts, risk, logistics, and financial settlements. 

Phlo Systems' development team delivers tailored solutions, leveraging expertise in commodities trading, risk management, supply chain management, cyber security, and AI applications. Customer success stories illustrate opsPhlo's impact, including streamlined operations, integrated CTRM with ERP, and transformative journeys in multi-commodity trading and the food processing industry. 

Contact Us to Learn More about opsPhlo's Transformational Capabilities for your business too. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

1. What are the primary challenges faced by traders in updating trading systems? 

Traders often encounter significant challenges such as high costs, complexity, risks, and time-consuming processes when updating their trading systems to align with evolving business imperatives. 

2. How does opsPhlo address these challenges? 

opsPhlo offers a modular, flexible, and agile trading platform that can be implemented incrementally over time, thereby reducing traditional big system risks, complexities, and project delivery change management. 

3. What is the core offering of opsPhlo? 

At the core of opsPhlo is a tightly integrated Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) system with the industry-leading Acumatica Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. 

4. How does opsPhlo cater to different types of traders? 

opsPhlo caters to small/fast-growing traders by facilitating a transition from multiple spreadsheets to a complete ERP & CTRM solution. For large traders with complex systems, it offers a "bolt-on" modular solution to quickly address specific challenges. For those needing system upgrades or complete transformation, it allows migration in stages at a pace suited to their business needs.