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How Nigeria's leading Commodity Trader drive financial and supply chain excellence in fast changing and complex international markets?

Top Nigerian traders excel in fast-paced global markets by prioritizing financial strength and efficient supply chains for agricultural and mineral exports.

How Phlo Systems collaborated with a leading U.S. based futures brokers to develop an auto hedging Platform?

Learn about the collaboration between Phlo Systems and a prominent U.S. futures broker to design an advanced auto-hedging platform. Explore the details now!

Cloud-Based Innovation in Commodity Trading

Know how a leading commodity trader in the USA, recognized the need to modernize its trading and hedging strategy development process and partnered with Phlo Systems to solve the problem.

Evaluation of CTRM Vendors and Infrastructure Setup

Evaluation of CTRM vendors such as TPT, Openlink, Allegro, Eka, JustCommodities, TradePaq, Hivedome, Caja, and setting up necessary hardware, network, and application infrastructure allowing derivative traders to engage in Algorithmic Trading.

Refactoring of Hrvyst - Automated Risk Management SaaS

Refactored Hrvyst, a fully automated risk management and hedging SaaS for the US grains industry.

Integration of Acquired Company's Trading and Risk Systems

Leading the effort to integrate the Trading and Risk Management systems of a large acquired company (ADM Cocoa).

Daily Book Value and PnL Explained/Attribution Tool

Conceptualized, developed, and implemented a daily book value and PnL explained/attribution tool.

Matlab-Based Solution Replicating Murex Functionalities

Replicated Murex functionalities in a home-grown Matlab-based solution, saving at least $1 million annually.

Sales & Operational Planning Tool for Cocoa Products

Developed Sales & Operational Planning tool for Cocoa products global sales team.

In-Memory Analytics Engine for Real-Time Risk Management

Built FIX interfaces with commodity exchanges for receiving real-time trade fills and associated market data.

EMIR Reporting Straight Through Processing System

Designed and implemented a straight-through processing system for all EMIR reporting requirements.

Web-Based Global Commodity Trading & Risk Reporting System

Implementation of a web-based, home-grown, global commodity trading & risk reporting system.

Murex Implementation for Invenio (Commodity Financial Services)

Implemented Murex for Invenio, the commodity financial services arm of Olam.

Automated Currency Hedging and Treasury Application

Developed and implemented a fully automated currency hedging and treasury application.

Hrvyst Refactoring - Risk Management SaaS for US Grains Industry

Refactored Hrvyst, a fully automated risk management and hedging SaaS for the US grains industry.

Special Projects

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